The Island: Survival Challenge - FAQ

How do I … ?

There are a number of gatherable/harvestable items on the Island. These include: Wood, Water, Dunes, Rocks, Leaves, Yuca, Shrubs, Coconuts and many more hidden surprises.

Tap on a gatherable/harvestable item, then select up to 5 islanders to complete the task. The more islanders you select, and the higher their skill level, the faster they will complete the job.

Tap on any Shelter to Craft items from the resources you gather. You will need to craft items to build other structures as well as complete Daily Tasks and Challenges. For example, to build the Clothes Tree, you need to Harvest enough wood in order to Craft Weaved Rope and Wooden Pole.

Tap on the Build Menu in the bottom left of the screen, then DRAG the icon of item you wish to build into the world.

The item must be placed on a flat surface (the base will be GREEN if it is ok or RED if it must be moved), and you may need to Craft the items required to build.

To move an existing building, tap and hold the building and drag it to a new location.

To rotate a building, tap and hold the building in one place, it will rotate 90 degrees at a time. Release when you have the correct direction.

As with Harvesting and Gathering, simply tap on a Hunting or Fishing area and assign Islanders with the required skill level. Hunting unlocks later in the game, check your daily challenges to see when they are unlocked!

The energy counter in the game represents energy for the WHOLE camp. If you don’t manage your Islanders’ correctly, you can easily drain their energy levels, leaving them unable to complete Challenges, Tasks and other activities such as Harvesting.

You can get more energy by regularly completing Daily Tasks, which are accessible from the Campfire.

HINT: check what tasks are available, and what resources you will need, before sending your Islanders out on activities.

If you run out of energy completely, try looking at available tasks in the camp fire to see if you can complete any, or you can always watch a quick video by tapping on the Mettle coin at the top of the screen.

Select the challenge from the Campfire and assign 5 Islanders with the required skills. You will need certain resources to undertake the challenge. If you don’t have all the resources, you can use Mettle to bypass them.

Once your Islanders are assigned, you will see your % chance of success … then it’s all down to fate.

Top Tip: If you don’t like your chances, then try completing other tasks first to improve your leadership skills!

Increase your Islanders skill levels by giving them tasks and activities related to that skill. For example, the more an Islander Gathers, the better their Gathering/Harvesting skill will be. The more they build, the better their Building skill.

Leadership skills are increased by the Islanders selected to take on Daily Tasks and Challenges.

At the end of each day, you will see a summary of your game so far. If you are struggling, or think you know where you went wrong on an earlier day (for example, a day where several Islanders left) then you can replay the game from the start of that day.

To replay a day, on the end of day summary screen, you can tap on the day you wish to replay. HOWEVER – once you go back, you cannot reload that saved game again – your game will start from the particular day you chose.

In order to replay the tutorial, you will need to reset your game to Day 1 by tapping the reset button on the end of day summary screen.

Tap on an Islander within the game world to display their avatar in the top left corner. Then tap on the Icon that appears in the top left-hand corner of the game. To rename your Islander, tap the PEN icon, and type a new name with the device keyboard. You can scroll through all of your Islanders and rename them here.

You can speed up activities such as harvesting/gathering or building by tapping on the activity that is occurring and then tapping 'Speed up!' This will give you the option to use Mettle, or to watch an ad in order to complete the activity.

General Questions

The Island: Survival Challenge is a survival strategy game based on the hit TV show The Island (known as Oya in Norway). The show starred Bear Grylls in the UK and the US.

Players must lead a team of 20 ordinary men and women through the challenges required to survive on a deserted island, with only a few basic tools at their disposal. To survive, the Islanders must build their skills in 5 key areas: Harvesting/Gathering, Building, Crafting, Hunting and Leadership.

To build these skills, players must assign their Islanders tasks (such as harvesting wood and water, foraging for food etc), as well as undertake daily tasks (which give the camp energy, and Islanders morale and leadership skills) ultimately to complete the three daily challenges (these are the most important tasks, and give Reward stars!) – the aim is to complete the 3 Daily Challenges in the time given to you, time is finite on The Island since it represents the daylight hours you have available!

The aim of the game is to survive a 15-day season with:

  • - As many of your 20 Islanders still remaining on the Island
  • - As many Daily Challenge stars collected as possible
  • You must keep your Islanders morale level up by completing daily tasks and daily challenges. Islanders with higher Leadership skill levels have a better chance of completing these tasks and Challenges.

Each season in The Island: Survival Challenge lasts 15 ‘days’. A day is a unit of finite time within the game, not real-world days, and Island Days increase in length the further you get into the game.

Unlike normal world-builder games, there isn’t an infinite span of time in which to survive and thrive on the island. You won’t build a small medieval community, and gradually progress up to the space age. The Island: Survival Challenge is all about finding out whether you have the skill, ingenuity and tenacity to make it through a tough survival situation – and come out the other side a survival pro, just like Bear Grylls.

If it drops below a certain level you will receive a warning at the end of the day that the Islander is considering leaving the Island. You can give a morale boost to keep them – for just a few Mettle. If their morale drops further, or if you don’t give them a boost, the Rescue Boat will come and take them away - forever! Islanders will only leave the Island at the end of a day.

You have a finite amount of time to complete the Daily Challenges, so the Day Clock will NOT stop when you close the app. This is to represent the finite amount of sunlight that the real Islanders face when on The Island, no swinging machetes around in the dark! More importantly, this is so that you don’t automatically fail to complete the Daily Challenges and your Islanders become demoralised and want to leave. This means that activities will not continue when you are not playing.

However, if you add more Islanders to a task, then the amount of time it takes is greatly reduced! So plan your activities carefully to balance long tasks and quick tasks to ensure you have enough people available. If you find you have accidentally started too many long activities, you can cancel them and your energy and resources are NOT consumed!

There are plenty of activities and tasks to get your islanders into when you are waiting for longer activities to complete – if you want to speed up an activity to can do so by using Mettle (the in-game currency) or by watching an ad.

The Island: Survival Challenge is a free game, and while you can play from end to end without needing to watch and ad or spend/buy in-game currency, these paid-for items do allow us to continue to support the game. Income from ad revenue and purchases means we can continue to update features, fix bugs, and continue to refine the game to make it as good as it can be.

Daily Challenges can be viewed by tapping on the campfire. They are the three at the top of the menu.

They change each day, and are themed around the type of issues you would face if surviving The Island for real. The aim of the game is to complete 3 Daily Challenges each day. To do so, you will need to harvest, hunt and craft, as well as increase your Islanders’ Leadership Skills through Daily Tasks.

The success spinner represents the fickle nature of life on the Island, nothing is guaranteed on The Island! In order to complete Tasks and Challenges, it is best to select your most skilled Islanders in order to give you a better chance of completing the Task or Challenge. Just like life on the real Island, the best laid plans often go awry …

Your fire will not burn out. However, keeping it stocked up with wood is a way to gain ENERGY for the camp – so don’t neglect it.

This is the overall energy level for the camp. There are no individual energy levels in the game.

As often as they can! Eating gives energy, so make sure you check the Daily Tasks in order to give your Islanders food and nourishment at regular intervals – especially if Camp Energy levels are running low!